Why Use Pinchaser?

  • Pinchaser is the best online resource for golfers of any ability to better understand and improve their golf game! Pinchaser was developed by a PGA Professional to be a guide for golfers wanting shooting lower golf scores and enjoy the game of golf more!

  • Understand Your Golf Game!

    Pinchaser provides you with all of the tools that you need to improve your golf game. Evaluating over 300+ different golf statistics, Pinchaser constantly monitors your golf game with our golf stat tracker. We will clearly show you in Driving, Iron Play, Short Game, and Putting exactly where your golf game is strong and where you need more practice.  Pinchaser continually pushes our golfers to succeed, resulting in you shooting lower scores.

  • Improve Your Golf Game!

    Pinchaser will instantly recommend which of our video golf lessons are best for you. The video golf lessons are broken down into 8 unique categories covering such topics as the full golf swing, short game, putting, and trouble golf shots.  Pinchaser accurately targets which area(s) you need to focus your golf instruction and practice.
    Our video golf drills are informative, yet easy to understand.  Providing you with the golf tips and drills you need to shoot lower scores. New online golf instruction videos are added on a regular basis to continually provide you with the best golf instruction!  And while only Pinchaser subscribers have access to our entire golf lesson library, here is a sample of Pinchaser’s golf instruction.  


  • Stay In Your Golf Game!

    Pinchaser becomes your partner on the path to play better golf.  You’ll be encouraged to practice, while knowing exactly what parts of your golf game need the most attention. You will improve your golf swing, you will shoot lower golf scores, and enjoy the game every time you are on the golf course.
    You can also link your Pinchaser account with the PGA Professional you currently take lessons from.  This will allow them to focus their golf instruction more specifically to your needs.  Want to start taking golf lessons?  Find an instructor in your area with our PGA Professional Directory.


  • Who is Pinchaser for:

    • Any golfer wanting to improve their golf game
    • High Handicap Golfers
    • Elite Amateur Golfers
    • Women Golfers
    • Senior Golfers
    • Junior Golfers
    • Golf Coaches
    • PGA Professionals

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