You Need Pinchaser

“The secret to golf is to turn 3 shots into 2.” – Bobby Jones


At Pinchaser, we know that if you can shoot lower golf scores, you will enjoy the game of golf more!

Let’s be honest, golfers have lots of resources to learn tips about golf.  As a golfer, you can read all of the instruction articles you want, and watch endless hours of instruction on television, but how do you know what really applies to your golf swing?  Unfortunately the information you are learning seldomly applies to your specific golf game.  

Haven’t you ever wondered why you don’t get much better with all those swing tips?

Pinchaser raises the bar on golf instruction!  Pinchaser was designed by a PGA Professional to specifically target the faults in each golfers unique golf game.  After analyzing your golf game with our golf stat tracker, you’ll have specific golf instruction videos recommend to you that are the most beneficial for YOU to watch and practice with.  Our PGA golf instruction will get you playing your best!

Plus Pinchaser is designed to continually push golfers to keep improving.  You won’t just get better at one thing about golf, your entire golf game will benefit from using Pinchaser.

If you play golf and want to shoot lower scores, look no further than Pinchaser!

Pinchaser guides you how to improve your golf game.