The Pinchaser Story

What is it about this game that keeps us coming back for more? More often than not it is frustrating, unnerving, and even on it’s best days, can be very complicated. There is an endless challenge, where perfection is unattainable. But there is always that one shot…watching the ball roll in the cup after blasting out of the sand, the way the ball felt as it leaves a perfectly struck iron. Or maybe is chance to spend time with great friends. It’s a chance to get away from the hustle and bustle of daily life, to spend a few hours on a beautifully manicured golf course. What ever your reason, there is always something about the game that will keep you coming back.

This is especially true for the founder of our company, Chad Hersman. The game touched him in such a way that he decided to turn a past time into a career. Chad was determined to share his love of the game with as many people as possible. Earning membership into the PGA of America and working within the golf industry, provided him with the opportunity to pursue his real passion…teaching others how to play this great game.

While giving golf lessons, Chad’s greatest task was to assess a players strengths and weaknesses in a fairly quick amount of time, to be able to provide the most effective golf lesson.  Often surprised at how many golfer would “over estimate” abilities, he needed to find a way to have a true evaluation of how his clients were performing.

According to Hersman, “Players can read all the books and articles, watch all of the videos, but if the lessons being presented aren’t specific to an individuals golf game they are simply wasting their time.  Being aware of your true strengths and weaknesses, and focusing on improving on those weak areas is how a golfer is going to improve.  To know how well you are doing you must track your rounds and calculate your stats…the numbers never lie!”  Knowing that golfers everywhere could positively benefit from a thorough understanding of their golf games proved to be the inspiration that Mr. Hersman needed.  Pinchaser was born!