Fitness Part 3 – The Payoff

I am now well on my way with my fitness regimen.  I have noticed that my flexibility has increased, as well as my strength.  My conditioning and stamina have improved and I noticeably have more energy while I’m playing.

But how has this affected my golf game?  Without changing anything in my practice routine, I wanted to see how fitness impacted my rounds of golf.  In my personal stats I’ve noticed:

11% increase in fairways in regulation

16% increase in greens in regulation

Short game and putting have remained level

I am attributing this increase over the past couple of weeks purely to my fitness level.  From the tee, I feel like I am in a better set up position with my posture and I have been able to be more accurate with the better fundamentals.  This also carries over into my iron play and the greens in regulation category.  Also factoring into this category is that I have been playing out of the fairway more often, as well as my tee shots have been longer allowing me to hit shorter irons into the greens.

I will keep you updated with my progress as times goes on, but I am very excited with the results thus far.  If you haven’t already been utilizing a fitness routine, I would highly suggest that you get started right away.  You will find that the benefits extend beyond your overall health, but that being in better physical shape will boost your golf game as well.