Fitness – Part 1…The Intro

One of the most recent trends on the PGA Tour is fitness.  Over the years the game of golf has changed dramatically with this regard.  Looking through time, there are have been sporadic players that took fitness very seriously.

Gary Player was one of the pioneers of fitness in golf.  Traveling the globe the way that Player did, he not only wanted, but he needed to be in top physical condition so that he could perform at his peak at each tournament after traveling the thousands of miles that he often would between tournaments.

Greg Norman was another fitness fanatic.  Norman was not only a very talented player, who has gone on to be a great businessman with several different and successful ventures in his portfolio.  But he was also a pioneer of fitness in his golf game.  Proving that being in great physical condition would improve the way the game is played.  His physical conditioning allowed him to have the physical strength to hit shots that other players of that era couldn’t replicate.

More recently, Tiger Woods has shown that being in great physical shape is not a hindrance to your golf swing.  There has always been a misnomer that being strong would hold back a player from being able to effectively swing a golf club.  Tiger has proved that completely false.  He has become the modern day standard for all golfers on the PGA Tour.

Golfers everywhere, at every level, are now realizing the importance that fitness plays and the impact that it can make on your golf swing and golf game.  The emphasis on weight training and overall physical conditioning has become just as important as practicing your putting stroke.  Realizing it’s importance is the first step to making the transition to better conditioning.

With that said, I am challenging myself to improve my physical conditioning.  In upcoming posts you will be able to monitor my progress and hold me accountable for what I am doing.  I am completing my plan and starting on the journey very soon.  Stay posted to track my progress and hopefully become inspired to do the same for your golf game.