A Healthier Golf Game

We’re almost a month into 2017 and by now, for many people, New Year’s resolutions have started to fade away and be forgotten.  One of the most common goals that many people set for themselves is to “get in shape”.  The difficulty is that “getting in shape” is a HUGE commitment, that most individuals can’t stick to.

However, if you can stick with it, a fitness routine is one of the quickest ways to improve your golf game.  Being fit allows you to play, and even walk, 18 holes of golf without becoming fatigued, and losing mental focus.  More importantly, a healthy body can produce more power in your golf swing allowing you to hit the ball farther, and improve your bodily coordination to make a more repeatable golf swing that will produce more accuracy in your shot making.

The golf swing is a highly repetitive motion, that exposes all players to the potential of injury.  To prevent this breakdown from happening to yourself, and ensure that you’re able to stay out on the links, I recommend a program of physical conditioning.  Each program is individual to the person, and not physical exercise would begin without consulting a physician, but a simple guideline of areas that are proven to be the most beneficial to the golfer include:

– Cardiorespiratory endurance (biking, running, jogging, walking, etc.)
– Improved flexibility (stretching, yoga, pilates)
– Postural strength (improved core strength: abdominals, obliques, lower back)
– Strength training

Spending a little, or a lot, of time in these areas with dramatically improve your golf game, and you never even had to hit a single golf ball.  Incorporating a simple fitness routine into your daily habit will make you a better player, help prevent injuries, and keep you on the golf course for many years to come.