Your Winning Attitude

“I don’t fear death, but I sure don’t like those three-footers for par.”  – Chi Chi Rodriguez

What is the one characteristic that “winning” golfers possess?  They have a confidence and a positive attitude toward what they are doing.  Seldom do you see the player in the lead being reactive to their shots.  They maintain a positive attitude throughout the round.

We are all going to experience a bad bounce, a poor shot, or an unlucky break from time to time when we are playing.  Some of us seem to have them more than others.  Learn to take these bad breaks as just something that happens.  Don’t let them ruin your round.  If you keep a positive attitude about your misfortune, and keep your head clear, you will typically not lose any more than just one shot because of a poor swing.  If you allow the poor break to turn you into a raging monster that is fuming for the next couple of holes, you are likely to not only make a bogey now, but for the next few holes until you calm down.

Dr. Shannon Reece, from Training for Optimal Performance, has written an article “In Golf, Attitude is Everything.”  She brings up several great points including “The best way to achieve success is to expect it…”

You can read the entire article at

When you step to the first tee, make sure that you are exuding a positive attitude about the day.  When things start to go bad, don’t let it get you down.  Keep your focus, stay positive, and don’t let things go from bad to worse.  Keep the winning attitude, and you’ll become a winner!