Your Confidence Shot

“Hit the shot you know you can hit, not the one you think you should”  – Dr. Bob Rotella

Hopefully you have one… a golf shot that just fits your eye perfectly.  You know before you even start your swing that you are going to hit the shot well.  It is a shot that over time has produced fantastic results, filling you full of confidence every time you need to hit it again.

Let’s reference a shot that if you watch the PGA Tour have seen hit once or twice.  It is the “Stinger” that Tiger Woods turns to when he needs to hit a fairway.  This shot works well for Tiger, in that he knows what to expect.  He alters his swing just enough to produce a low, boring ball flight that stays, for him, very straight.  It is a shot that he can produce with several clubs in his bag, but most typically hit with either his fairway wood, or a long iron.  He has had such great success producing this particular shot, that he has full confidence in himself when he needs to replicate it again and again.

Now your favorite shot most likely is not the “stinger”.  Most likely you have a particular club that you are very confident with chipping or pitching with.  You possess the skills to hit a particular shot very effectively and more often than not, producing great results.

For me personally, my shot is the pitch shot from between 40-60 yards.  I have been able to learn to hit this shot with high proficiency with different wedges to be able to control the trajectory and spin that I hit the shot with.  In the years of practicing and hitting this shot, I have had great success in hitting the ball close enough to the hole that I lots of times have just a tap in putt.  Occasionally, even being fortunate to hole out a time or two.  When I see this shot arise during my round, I get excited knowing that I will likely see good results.

We all need to have these shots in our bag.  It doesn’t matter if it is a full swing, short game, or even a putting stroke.  What you need is to be extremely comfortable in just one or two situations on the course.  Why?  As you are aware golf can be, and usually is, a very frustrating game to play.  When you are spending several hours on the course, what fun is it to be exasperated the entire time?  Struggling to hit the ball in the desired direction.  Why not be able to break up the round with moments of pure confidence.  Being able to stand over a shot, any shot that works for you, and knowing that you will have a great result.

By having these sometimes brief moments of excitement is what will energize your round.  Helping you along to hit other great shots.  Shooting lower scores.  When your round starts to make a turn for the worse, and things aren’t going your way, turn to “your” shot and change the way your round is going.  You will stay more focused, more positive, and play better.

If you don’t already have this shot, I suggest that you go learn one.  You’ll be glad you did.