What Influences You?

When you are playing a round of golf, what factors do you take into consideration to having a good round?  I’m not talking about how well you played, although that is usually a biggie, I am questioning all of the outside influences on you day at the course.

These are factors that you often don’t even give a second thought too.  When was the last time that you considered the ease of making a tee time either a positive or negative influence on your day?  How about the quality and cleanliness of the golf carts?

And of course there is the infamous starter and ranger.  They can either be your best buddies, or your worst nightmares!

In an article in the August 2013 issue of Golf Digest, they tackle what the question of “What really makes golfers happy?”  The items presented above are just a sample of some of the factors that can influence your day.

What you don’t realize is that whether you consciously realize this or not, all of these outside factors play a large part in how you play?  How is this?

Well let’s start the day by looking at how you interact with the staff upon your arrival at the course.  Were you greeted with a friendly hello, or ignored and treated as a bother from the kid behind the counter that is upset that he’s working yet another weekend?  Your interaction with the staff will have a large influence on your overall demeanor heading to the first tee.

Now that you’ve made it to the course, are the course conditions impressive or depressing?  Nothing can frustrate you quicker than hitting from bare dirt out of the middle of the fairway, or putting through those aerified greens that no one from the course mentioned to you prior to your arrival.

Again, these are just a small sampling of outside influences that can directly effect your game.  Maybe the next time you head to the links, you’ll pay attention to a few more of them and start realizing how they positively or negatively influence your round of golf.


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