Rethink Your Focus

How many times a year do you hit the flagstick while playing golf?  My guess is maybe once, but more likely never.  Then why do so many golfers always take aim at the flag when they are golfing?

Players need to learn that to hit the ball perfectly straight is a rare accomplishment.  The players on the PGA Tour are constantly hitting the ball with either a slight little fade or a draw.  Learning to control how to make the ball curve is a much more consistent shot and will help you achieve lower scores.  Believe it or not, it is actually easier to make the ball turn than it is to hit the ball straight.

If I am aiming at a flagstick, my target is extremely small, only about ½”.  This is great for focus, but doesn’t allow a very wide margin for error.  What players should learn to do is focus on hitting into different zones, or areas that they want to hit the ball into.  Still keeping these areas smaller in focus, but allowing for a little room for error, but if a shot comes to rest in these zones, then you should consider them successful shots.

The next time you go play golf; I want you to imagine the green into four different quadrants.   Draw an imaginary line through the center of the green going from left to right, and another front to back.  When you are hitting your shot, focus on which quadrant you want the ball to finish in.  And more often than not, the flag will likely NOT be in the same area.  By still keeping you focus small, but expanding it enough to allow a little room for error, you will find that you start hitting better shots more online with your targets.

The same concept will carry over to tee shots as well.  Instead of just hitting the fairway, focus on either hitting the left half or the right half.  The increased focus throughout the round will make your day and your score, more enjoyable.