No More Excuses

All to often I am asked if I could only practice one area of my golf game what would it be?  With everyone living lives at are full of nothing but busyness, many golfers are faced with a tough dilemma…not enough time to practice.   I too fall into this category.  If I am limited on available practice time, I put my emphasis on short game shots.

Take a look at Rory McIlroy’s final round at the PGA Championship this past weekend.  He played the final round with a 6-under par 66.  That’s a great round by any standards.  What makes this one even more exceptional is that he played that round bogey free, and only hit 10 greens in regulation.  That means he was able to get the ball up and down to save par 8 out of 8…100% of the time!

If his short game had any weaknesses in that round, it wasn’t apparent anywhere.

Improving your short game is one of, if not the fastest way to lowering your scores.  One off the greatest parts about practicing your short game is it doesn’t require a ton of space to practice in.  Unlike practicing your driving where you need to be on a course or driving range, or at least an area large enough to contain those 300 yard bombs we all hit, you can work on a simple chipping stroke in your backyard.  What’s even better, if you are limited on practice time, you don’t even need to leave your house, saving you those priceless minutes driving to and from the course.

Are you running out of excuses of why you can’t practice?  Good.  You shouldn’t have any.  If you spend some time just out in the yard focusing on your technique you will find that short game shots around the green will start finishing closer to the hole.  What could be better than that?

Now if you really take your game seriously, and your budget and spouse allows, you can build a practice facility right at home.  Take a look at what Dave Pelz, the short game instructor to several PGA Tour stars including Phil Mickelson, has built in his back yard.  Granted we might not all have the same budget Mr. Pelz does, but we can all dream of having something so wonderful right outside our doorstep.