Is Your Putter Fit To Your Stroke?

Most every golfer is very aware of the benefits to having your club fit to your golf swing.  But did you get your putter fit as well?

This is often a neglected area when it comes to finding the perfect putter for you.  You walk into the golf shop and see all the shiny new putters lined up, grab one that looks good to you and off you go.  Big mistake!  You will typically make half of all strokes in a round of golf with your putter.  Why wouldn’t you want to ensure that you are giving yourself the best advantage you can by having one fit to you?

What goes into a putter fitting?  There are several factors that need to be addressed when selecting the correct putter.  First are the basics of length and lie angle.  But did you know that you could get putters with different amounts of loft?  This comes into play with how much forward press you have at impact.  You need to also look at the difference in putters with offset or straight faced.  Do you need a heel-toe weighted model or a mallet?

When selecting your new putter, make sure you are properly fitted to one that is perfect for your stroke.  You will hit more putts online and see the ball fall into the bottom of the cup more often if you do.