Boldly Putt Like The Pros

The place that most golfers can waste strokes the fastest is on the putting green.  That being said, golfers should never lag a putt – they need to try and make every putt they face.


1.  A putt can only miss in four places…long, short, left or right.  If you putt more aggressively and always get the ball to the hole, you’ve eliminated one of those misses.  Putts that come up short, NEVER will go in.  A ball must travel a minimum distance from the player to at least reach the hole.  Modern research has proven that the putt has the best chance of going in when it has enough speed to carry 18 inches past the cup.

2. An aggressive stoke is a confident stroke.  Players that are tentative with the pace of their putts are often the players that will open and close the putter face open and closed with their hands, resulting in misses that are further left or right.  If a player is making a bold stroke at the putt is likely using the big muscles in their back and shoulders to produce the stroke, thus minimizing the chance of the putter face being manipulated by the hands.  This is an ideal stroke to hit the putt on your intended target lines.

3.  If you hit the ball to hard, you’re given the opportunity to watch the way the ball rolls beyond the hole, giving you an accurate read on the next putt.  If you leave a putt short, you are neglecting yourself of that valuable information.

Putting is the most simplistic motion that you can make at the ball, but can also be the most frustrating.   A player has the chance to recover from a poor tee shot with a good approach.  Golfers can recover from poor approach shots to the green with a great chip or pitch.  But there is no room for error, or chance to recover once you’re on the putting green.  Give yourself the best chance for success and putt boldly!