Are Golfers Getting Confused?

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I have dedicated a career to helping golfers improve, and enjoy the sport that I love.  I get the greatest pleasure from watching my students improve, and have a smile from ear to ear when they have it a shot they never thought possible, or posted a new low round.

My concern isn’t for my students, I make a very conscious effort to take my knowledge about golf and explain or demonstrate principles that are applicable to my clients.  My worry is for the millions of golfers that don’t seek the help of a PGA Professional to improve.  These are the players that attempt to pick up advice here and there to make their game better.  They apply any and every concept to their swing in hopes of playing like a Tour player, but struggle to improve at all.  It’s no wonder that golfers are becoming more discouraged.

When I last checked, there were over 1000 book titles dedicated to “Golf Instruction”.  How is the average player supposed to make sense of what they are reading?  That is before we even get started with the talk of launch angles, moment of inertia, bio-mechanics, and on and on.  The modern player is becoming too overwhelmed.

I’m going to keep my advice short and simple…golfers need the help of PGA Professionals.  Seeking the advice of a PGA Professional will help simplify what is becoming an ever evolving and complex game!