5 Truths That Will Improve Your Golf Instantaneously

Truth is a wonderful, and sometimes, horrible thing that should be paid attention to if you want to improve how you play golf.

1. You can’t control everything – but you can control how you respond.

Look at an average round of golf, you are faced with many obstacles that are beyond your control.  Course conditions, wind, other players, how your ball bounces, and course design just to name a few.  There are going to be times that you get a bad lie or bounce.  There are times that you can hit a great shot and the wind will play havoc with your golf ball.  There are times that a well designed golf hole can “trick” you into playing shots that you shouldn’t.

It’s how you handle these situations that can make or break your round.  If you’re able to shrug off the bad breaks and mishaps and make your best, focused effort on the shot at hand, you’ll save yourself from getting into more trouble.

2. Golf isn’t always happy, but there’s value in both the good and bad.

No one is ever happy 100% of the time they play golf.  If you golf, you are bound to get frustrated, irritated, or down right mad from time to time.  When it’s all said and done, being able to take a step back and learn from the mistakes or situations that got you upset will better prepare you to handle them in the future.  Learn from your mistakes!

Likewise, when you’re riding a high, and playing great golf.  Making every putt.  Hitting pure shots.  Remember everything you can.  What you were feeling?  What was your mindset?  What you were focusing on?  It isn’t likely to happen every time you play golf, but if you’ve done it once you can do it again….and again….and again….and again.  The greatest players are able to repeat with regularity, the things that set them apart.  So can you!

3. You can do your best and still fail.  It’s okay.

As golfers we have a tendency to be hard on ourselves.  No matter how well we play, we could have always done better.  But when you let go of perfectionism, you can accept that you did your best, no matter the outcome.  Plan for the best and expect great things-if it doesn’t happen, forget about it, and try again next time.

4. The past is gone, but you can build your future on it’s foundation.

Everyone is inclined to take time analyzing the past.  To a certain point it’s very valuable (that’s why I encourage golfers to track their rounds) but beyond that it’s a recipe for disaster.  Ingrain what you have learned, let go of the errors, and move forward to the present…and on to the future.

5. Many things you can’t choose, but you have a choice in everything you do.

You can make excuses, blame others or your equipment, embrace the wrong…or you can follow a brighter fairway.  It’s up to you!